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COVID-19 Has Changed Your Users

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The spread of the new coronavirus is dramatically changing people’s lives across the globe and this in turn changes how they use your product . There are few — if any — industries that haven’t been impacted in some way. Your users’ preferences and behaviors have likely shifted, and may be very different now than they were in 2019.

Exactly how people’s daily lives Iphone Cases and routines have changed depends on the individual, their job role, living situation, and location, but consider some of the common shifts in the table below.

The causes of these differences can be hugely complex, due to the virus itself, but also the economic and political consequences of the virus’s spread. The magnitude and exact nature of the changes can depend on geographic location and on the individual. Each behavior shift may be a short-term change or may have massive, long-term consequences for related industries .

Take the new interest in online shopping for example: UBS estimates that ecommerce will make up 25% of retail sales over the next five years, compared to 15% in 2019. The Financial Times reports that 60% of retail in China will be ecommerce in the next three years. If you’re in ecommerce, that’s a huge influx of potential new customers, potentially with different user needs of LG Cases.

There are also substantial preference and psychological shifts occurring. Experts worry that the pandemic has led to increases in depression and anxiety. People have different expectations and concerns than they had in 2019, and some of those differences may be lasting.

Case Study: Despegar, Online Travel Agency in Latin America

Despegar is the leading online travel company in Latin America, known by its two brands: Despegar, the global brand with headquarters in Buenos Aires; and Decolar, the Brazilian brand with headquarters in São Paulo. Its site is available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. 

I spoke with two members of the UX team at Despegar: Emilia Ronchetti (UX lead) and Guido Turdera (user-research lead). The travel industry is one of the most substantially impacted industries during the pandemic.