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How to Make Money Selling Things Online

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Buying and selling online- or eCommerce- in India will cross the UD$84 billion mark by 2021, says a joint report by Deloitte India and Retail Association of India. The rising popularity of smartphones and situs slot online inexpensive Internet packages will be the main drivers of this growth, the report entitled ‘Unravelling the Indian Consumer’ further says.

Whether you’re an individual or small enterprise that wants to expand the business, eCommerce is the best way to make money selling things online. You can also take a slice of this US$84 billion pie that’s up for grabs.

Selling Online
There’re several ways you can sell things online. It depends on what you wish to sell, your target customers and of course, the infrastructure you have. Above all, it also depends upon your budget or how much you’re willing to invest in selling things online.

The Internet offers several excellent avenues to make money online. These opportunities are available to any craftsperson, small or large business owner, blogger, writer, medicine and engineering professionals and almost everyone.

Therefore, I’ll show you how to make money selling things online.

Making Money by Selling Things Online
As I mention, almost everyone can sell almost everything online to make money. Therefore, let’s explore different ways to make money selling things online.

1) Start Own Online Store
Here I’m not implying you start something like Amazon or eBay. Instead, you can easily open a small online store easily either free or by investing small amount of money. Online resources such as Facebook Marketplace allow you to make money selling things online. Facebook Marketplace is ideal if you’re looking for local customers.

If you’re looking at customers around the world or even in your own country, opt for Shopify, Etsy or similar resources. You can try these websites for free, for a limited period.

Shopify, Etsy and others enable you to open own online marketplace with the unique name where you can make money selling things online.

2) Seller on Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook
Regardless whether you’re home-based craftsperson or own a small business, register as seller on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and other large online retailers. Once your registration is successful, you get own dashboard on their portals. Here, you can upload product pictures, brief description, price and other details.

However, Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and others charge a small commission for selling your product. However, you can make money selling things online to a very large customer base.

Or you can also try Facebook Business. This is a special service from Facebook for enterprises small and large. You’ll have to pay a nominal fee to sell things online by creating a Facebook Business page. Considering that Facebook reaches over 2.41 billion users, you can imagine how many people will view and might buy your stuff.