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With COVID-19 Rising, Small Businesses Expand Health Coverage

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Stimola Literary Studio in Edgewater, New Jersey, didn’t have to worry about offering its staff of nine employees health insurance. Everyone at the company received coverage through their spouses Deposit pakai pulsa.

But the pandemic, and the devastation it brought, changed that. Some of the literary agency staff’s spouses lost their jobs. Others faced an uncertain employment future. Concerns about the coronavirus and the costs associated with care weighed on everyone.

“One of our team members’ husband provided family insurance, and he’s in commercial real estate in New York City,” Peter Ryan, a literary agent at Stimola, told “Another spouse lost his job at the beginning of the crisis, got another job, and lost that.”

There are employees with babies on the way and others whose spouses can’t work outside the home because of the coronavirus risk. To alleviate the stress and worry, the small business decided to offer health insurance, agreeing to pick up a portion of the costs.

“We are a small little literary agency, and we’re like a family,” Ryan said. “We wanted to do what’s best for them. We’re trying to be as generous as we can, but also trying to balance that against what we can afford to keep the books solid.”

Stimola was adamantly against one thing: a high-deductible health plan. “We really believe employees need to feel calm,” Ryan said. “They don’t need to worry about a $12,000 deductible if they get sick.”

Small businesses step up to offer health coverage
Stimola Literary Studio is among a group of small businesses that are stepping up and providing employees with access to health insurance despite (or because of) the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are doing it out of a sense of obligation to their employees, others because they can afford it.

In a recent poll of small business owners, 18.8% said they plan to expand their healthcare plans. Among those employers, 9.9% are adding supplemental health services, 8.9%